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Our Name

Not long after the dawn of civilization, the high technologists of their day, metallugists, geometers, architects, stone workers, and even astronomers, came together in guilds. Their purpose was to promote innovation and standards of excellence in technology and art.

At the summit of Dynastic Egypt's achievements, technologists and artists united to produce the most astounding statuary, monuments, and citites that the world had ever seen. They remain a source of inspiration today, even in ruins. More than a millennium later, the printers of the middle ages* launched a wave of literacy that presaged an intellectual and engineering renaissance that spanned a continent and continues today.

Our society is now poised upon a rising wave of electronic communications and commerce. As surely and completely as the inventions of the wheel and the printing press marked the end of one past, and the beginning of a new future, the Internet does so today.

At such a time, it's crucial to understand and promote high standards; to aim for excellence. It's also a time for technology and art to be seen as they really are; two hands grasping common tools. Our name, Interactive Guild, Inc. is an inspiration to ourselves to always aspire to the highest technical and artistic standards.

SS, 1/16/00

*A brief web search for information on Guilds (or Gilds), technology, and the arts revealed over one-hundred and twenty on record in the area of the Norwich, England, during the period of the high middle ages. They ranged across a spectrum that included carpenters, cord makers, saddlers, wire makers, barrel makers, salters, shipwrights, and dozens of other technologies. All were essential to a "modernizing" country doing business across the seas and between prospering cities and towns.

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